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by on August 27, 2018

How do you share the Gospel?

Passive & Unintentionally or Active & Intentionally?

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This isn’t about running or being fit.

What would it look like to Passively share the Gospel? Probably what most churches do today; service projects, giving time or money, encouraging people to volunteer in the community. All this with the hope that someone will ask about Jesus and a church member, at best, gets to lead someone to Christ. This passive sharing might include praying for people or even visiting non-church members in the hospital or helping them when they’re in need.

What would Unintentional sharing the Gospel look like? Probably what most churches do today, and then be surprised when someone comes to Christ. Then, feeling justified when the person talks about church or a church member being different, so they started coming to church and got saved at church.

What would someone who is passive and unintentional do about sharing the Gospel? Be nice. Give things away. Help others. Go to church. Give money away whether in the offering plate at church or to non-profits or both. Maybe attend a Bible study or a Sunday school class.

What would active sharing the Gospel look like? Talking with people about Jesus. Giving away tracts (little pieces of paper that tell the Gospel). Maybe even open air preaching (scary thought). Praying for specific people to receive Christ, and then trying to talk with them about Jesus and not waiting for them to bring Him up in conversation. It would also include the things passive Gospel sharers do too (if you could call passively sharing the Gospel, sharing the Gospel at all).

What would intentional sharing the Gospel look like? Praying for specific people to be saved. Praying for opportunities to talk with them about Jesus. Actually going to talk with them about Jesus. Planning to go to a specific place to share the Gospel with people who are there. Maybe even having set times to go back to a certain place to share the Gospel on a regular basis, and actually talking with people about sin and Jesus’ death and resurrection and the proper response of each person to Him.

So, are you passive and unintentional or active and intentional? If you find that you’re passive and unintentional, ask God to change your heart and pray for B.O.B. (Burden for the lost, Opportunities to share the Gospel, and Boldness to speak and share the Gospel).

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by on May 21, 2018

It seems that every time there is a school shooting or mass shooting the media express outrage over gun violence. It has become predictable as to what happens.

* Shooting occurs
* A few facts are given
* Lots of pictures of grieving and crying people
* A picture of the killer
* Calls for taking away guns i.e. usually termed “gun control”
* Maybe a candle light vigil, or a march for “gun control”

Now, think of what happens when someone dies. It is either Heaven or Hell for that person. Every Christian knows this. Every person knows that death is a bad thing and if they think about it they fear it because, “the wages of sin is death.” But, there is good news because, “the gift of God is eternal life.”

Where is the Christian zeal and outrage? There is a way out of this terrible punishment for sin. There is a way for people to end up in Heaven and NOT in Hell. Yet, Christians don’t seem to care about it. It’s as if they’re fine with thousands of people a day going to Hell. They comfort themselves by saying, “God knows their heart.” Or, “They prayed to receive Jesus into their heart when they were a child.” Even though their actions look NOTHING like what a Christian’s should look like. Or, even, “God will save the ones He wants to save. You don’t have to do anything.” And, even, “When most Christians try to share the Gospel, it does more harm than good.”

How will people hear the Gospel if it is not given clearly. What can be done to awaken the zeal Christians should have to share the Gospel? Have they no outrage that sin, self and pleasure has tied their hands and closed their mouths?

Has the Gospel become so difficult to share?

It is predictable at most churches:

Hamster on a wheel

Hamster on a wheel

* We should share the good news

* Tell people about Jesus’ love

* So many people are broken and hurting

* Lets pray

* Then, maybe a promotional for doing some good deed together as a church or a partnership outreach with other churches, so that “people will see your good deeds and glorify your father in Heaven.” That is assuming they acknowledge there is a God, and that He is good.

Maybe we should take time to skip mowing the grass this week and go find someone to share the Gospel with and use words? Maybe we should meet up to share the Gospel using words and talking to people after work, and then eat a late dinner when we get home? Maybe take some time from lunch break to see if there’s someone standing outside we could share the Gospel with? What about even giving a tract to someone at the grocery store and saying, “Here, this is for you.” If they reject you, all they did was reject you. You might even get into a conversation and share the Gospel with them. Why don’t I do something to share the Gospel this week, and see what happens? Why don’t you do something this week to share the Gospel and see what happens? Be sure to use words.


1 Hour 18 Minutes

April 3, 2018

Every day felt like Friday starting on Wednesday of Spring Break.
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Assurance, Purity and Obedience go hand in hands as friends.
Of these three, purity is the Christian’s key (James 1:25, 27b).
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July 17, 2017

“I have a headache.” Lilly told the nurse.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you been drinking enough water? It’s been pretty hot outside.”
“Yeah, I’ve been drinking four of these water bottles each day.”
“Hmm.. Would you like an Advil or a Tylenol?”
“Yeah, that would be great.”
The nurse followed up with, “Do you teach the Bible [...]

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Two Questions

April 21, 2017

A Christian can solve a lot of problems in life with two questions.
1. What is the most Biblical thing I can think, say and or do in this situation?
2. What is the most loving thing I can think, say, and of do in this situation?
Chances are both answers will converge for the right solution.
1 Corinthians [...]

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Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
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Lifestyle Evangelism or Evangelistic Lifestyle

November 29, 2016

Finding common ground, and earning the right to be heard are key in the concept of Lifestyle Evangelism. The idea is to make friends and share the Gospel as you go.
An Evangelistic Lifestyle is very different. Sharing the Gospel is primary, and being friends with people is natural. A Christian should be kind, caring, friendly, [...]

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