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by on March 24, 2015

What happens when people show up at the U of O with signs and a huge poster of an aborted baby?

Not much until word gets out. For one view of the story, here’s the link:   The first half of the audio is related to the guys with the signs.

Here’s a picture of what happened after we left:

what happened

what happened

We were going to set up our whiteboard and saw the group was at our usual location. The students who give out the Daily Emerald each week were there and not happy about the signs or picture.

I went and talked with them and took one of their brochures. The brochures were full color and had lots of information in them, and even a gospel message at the end.

We moved to a place down the block from where the signs were. We ended up with half a dozen really good conversations where we shared the Gospel clearly and gave out tracts. If there is a group with signs at our usual location, we usually end up with more conversations. It worked out for the best, not just for us, but for others who would go and share the gospel since the whole situation highlighted the first amendment and the right to free speech.

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