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by on July 13, 2015

I’d just shared the Gospel with a group at the Free Speech Plaza in Eugene. I prayed for Roy who counsels teens in the Juvenile Justice System. Then, one of the guys who had been listening to me said…

“Hey, Christian, preacher guy. Or,… are you a minister?”
“Hi, I’m Tim. I believe what the Bible says and believe in Jesus.” I shook hands with him and introduced myself. His name was Willis.
“So, I’m a polytheist, you know what that is?”
“Okay, so, you worship lots of gods.  Is that right?”
“Well, sort of…” He went on to explain some of what he believed, and that his dad was a necromancer and could raise the dead. But, if it wasn’t done properly, all those who had died (including animals), would come rushing back out of the underworld and become alive again.

“The Bible says that Jesus has the keys to death and hell.” I replied.

He changed the subject. “So, what do you think about marijuana?”

“It has all kinds of uses, clothing, rope, and you can even buy hemp seeds at the grocery store to eat.”

“What about smoking it?”

“The Bible says that the body is the temple of God, and you are to keep it clean.”

“The Bible says in Genesis that all seeds were given to man.”

“Yes, to eat, not to smoke.”

He explained why he thought it should be smoked, and how it helped him with his mental problems, i.e. bi-polar, pain, anger, etc.

“Jesus is stronger than all that. He knows you. He knows how your mind works, and your body. He is strong enough to help you and change you. Can I pray for you?”

“No! Definitely not!”

“The Bible says that I’m to pray for all men. I won’t pray for you in your presence, but I will pray for you. I’m glad I could talk with you.”

“Glad to meet you too.”

“Have a good afternoon.”

“Okay, bye.”

And, that was it. He didn’t take a tract, but he heard the Gospel clearly as I had just shared it, and then prayed for one who heard me speak. God willing others will share the Gospel with him too.

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