by on October 14, 2015

Two friends of mine were preaching the Gospel at the University of Oregon. No one would stop to listen. A couple people yelled profanity at them, but that was it. The next week we asked people to evaluate the speakers just so that we could share the Gospel one to one. We even offered people $2 if they would listen for 5 minutes and then fill out the form.

The questions were:

1.  Was the speaker’s voice clear? YES or NO

2.  Did the speaker have a clear message? YES or NO

If YES, what do you think it was?

3.  Did the speaker say anything that was confusing? YES or NO

If YES, what was it?

4.  Did the speaker sound like he cared for those who may have been listening?  YES or NO

If YES, how could you tell?

If NO, what made it sound like he didn’t care?

Eight people filled out the evaluation form. A couple of them understood from the speaker that you need to repent and trust Christ to be saved. Others got side tracked by various examples or phrases used in the speaking.  Most of the the people who heard them speak thought that those speaking cared about those who heard.

It’s easy to show you care when you talk with people one to one in sharing the Gospel. It’s harder when people rush past, and don’t listen when you preach. Of those reading this, when was the last time you shared the Gospel and showed you cared?

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