Summer Travel Idea

by on May 24, 2016

A lot of people travel during the summer, whether it’s for vacation or work, or to visit relatives. If it is more than across town, that means stopping along the way at least for gas if you’re driving. If you fly, there are even more stops, and more interactions with people you’ve never met before.

On our trip to the CEF National Conference I gave out million dollar bill tracts. Who got them? Airline personnel who check boarding passes, one who was trying to sign people up for a credit card, cashiers at various airport shops, the lady who showed us to our rental car and others too.

Commercial Airplane Operations

What was the reaction? Mostly, “Hey, thank you!” One guy, “Oh, I collect these things!” Another, “Where did you get these!”

No one rejected a tract. Each time I gave one out, I told them specifically that it talked about Jesus on the back.

Would I have talked longer with these people? If I had time, yes. Would I have built a relationship with them? I did have a relationship, just a really short one that started off with a smile, and good rapport.

Why not try it this summer as you travel? Get some tracts you like, and give them out as you travel.

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