Did you know the Lord?

by on July 18, 2016

“I used to be a Christian. I went to church, and Bible study and prayed and all that. I was even born again.” – Jay
“Did you know the Lord?” – Tim
“Yeah, I knew the Lord.” – Jay
“So, you walked away from Him on purpose?” – Tim

Jay’s friends came and interrupted our conversation.

But, why did I ask him if he knew the Lord? It is a hard YES or NO question. If he says, “Yes,” then he is admitting he is a Christian, but living in sin, and needs to repent. If he says, “No,” then he is admitting that he was never saved in the first place. Regardless of his answer, he admits his need to repent and trust Christ to save him.

Most people who say, “Yes,” when confronted with the thought that they walked away from the Lord and are living in sin usually come to the conclusion that they were never really saved in the first place. Most of the time, people realize they are only holding a rope of sand made of their own self righteousness, or someone else’s faith.

Jay took a couple of tracts, and shook my hand, thanking me for talking with him.

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