Food Trucks

by on July 1, 2016

“That is NOT in the Bible! Jesus did NOT say that!”

I’d just given a Million Dollar Bill tract to a lady working at a food truck serving Bar-B-Que. She read the tract aloud and said, “Men are hardwired for lust! That’s how the human race continues.

She had a problem with the seventh commandment, but thanked me for the tract.

Sarah and I were at a Bible conference in Redmond, WA for two days. Food was not provided, but the organizers invited about half a dozen food trucks to park in the church parking lot for lunch and dinner. Indonesian, BBQ, Greek, Sandwiches, Pizza, Tamales, Everything Turkey. This means that more than a dozen food truck workers were there serving food to people at a conference that’s theme was The Gospel.

What would be more natural than to share the Gospel with them? Each one got a Million Dollar Bill tract. We could hear the workers reading them aloud, and talking about what they read.

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