Lifestyle Evangelism or Evangelistic Lifestyle

by on November 29, 2016

Finding common ground, and earning the right to be heard are key in the concept of Lifestyle Evangelism. The idea is to make friends and share the Gospel as you go.

An Evangelistic Lifestyle is very different. Sharing the Gospel is primary, and being friends with people is natural. A Christian should be kind, caring, friendly, and a good person to be around. They should talk to their friends about things they have in common.

What is more important, being a friend? Or, sharing the Gospel? The average Christian probably wants to choose both options equally. This isn’t a logical fallacy of choosing one or the other. Think of what is most important dependent on the amount of time that person has to live.

Since you and I can’t know how long someone has to live, maybe it’s a good idea to share the Gospel then be friends and keep taking other opportunities to share it and talk about it as you go?

If you have an Evangelistic Lifestyle, sharing the Gospel will be most important, and done early and often. If you do Lifestyle Evangelism then you have friends, and you may never share the Gospel with them.

Lifestyle Evangelism gives the Christian’s conscience a little ease. It lets the Christian say, “I’ll do it later, when I feel the time is right.” But, what does the Bible say? The Bible says, DO it NOW.

“Preach the Gospel to every creature.” “Go, and make disciples.” And, yes, to be a disciple, one must be converted first. So, GO!

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