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by on May 25, 2017

I was in the boarding line for a flight from Chicago to St. Louis. Two teenage girls were talking about movies right in front of me. I thought to myself, “What would I say if I sat next to her?” thinking about one of those girls. I didn’t know what I would say.

I ended up sitting right next the one I’d been wondering about.

The flight took off, and I was still thinking about how to share the Gospel. I noticed she was talking in some language other than English to her parents who were sitting a couple seats away.

I asked her, “So, what language were you talking to your mom there?” She replied that it was French, since her family was from Rwanda. They spoke French at home, and then English at school and with their friends.

On a plane

I asked her, “So, you speak French at home, and English at school, and your family is from Rwanda. That’s an interesting combination. With that kind of background, what do you think happens after someone dies?”

“Oh, Heaven!”

“Everyone? Do some people go to Hell?”

“Well, yeah, some…”

“What does someone have to do to go to Hell?”

“Oh, I don’t know, kill someone probably?”

“What about Heaven? How good do you have to be to go? Are you good enough to get to Heaven?”

“Yeah, I think so, probably.”

“Well, how about if I ask you a few questions and we’ll see how good you are?”

“Okay, sure.”

I asked her four questions from the 10 Commandments. She turned out to be a liar, a thief, a blasphemer, and one who does not honor her parents. “So, what do you think God would do if you died today? Where would he send you? Heaven or Hell?”


“Do you know what God did to fix that problem for you?”

“No, what???”

After explaining the Gospel I gave her a tract, and she was really glad to get it. I went over the tract with her, and then the thought came to mind from one of the sessions I was in at the CEF International Conference.

Ken Ham and said, “You need to be ready to answer the secular questions of the day.” So, I pulled out an Answers In Genesis tract about Dinosaurs.

We talked about Dinosaurs and what the Bible says. The conversation lasted 45 minutes and went from take off to landing at St. Louis. I was able to end with praying for her.

As I got off the plane she smiled, waved and said, “Bye see you later! Thank you!”

God willing, she will be in Heaven one day.

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