Prayers Change

by on February 7, 2018

How do you start off praying?

“Our Father who art in Heaven…?” Or, some other way?
I find that as I’ve stayed in the hospital recently my prayers have changed. They have, and are going from asking for things, to less physical things.

Instead of praying for specific test results and for souls to be saved, I find that I’m praying more for Jesus to be honored and glorified in the tests, results, and outcomes…for GOD to honor Himself through all these things. I’m praying for the people who work here at the hospital; for their families and relationships and their work here; and most of all that God will take great glory for himself in all these things.

I do pray for the outcomes of this time at the hospital. I pray for my wife and son, my family side and hers. I want to pray more for God to honor Himself and use me as He sees fit. That can be hard since I don’t know how or where He will lead, guide and direct. Taking care of the future is up to Him.

I am so thankful that He is in charge and that He cares. HE IS SO GOOD and kind to me, and to my family, and even extending mercy and grace to SO many people. Not one of us deserves it. What a privilege to live and belong to Jesus Christ!

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