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by on March 1, 2018

Assurance, Purity and Obedience go hand in hands as friends.

Of these three, purity is the Christian’s key (James 1:25, 27b).

With Purity, the Christian is emboldened to greater obedience. As the Christian obeys, he will face opposition and temptation. When he bears up under the opposition and resists temptation, his assurance of faith in Christ grows. He sees more of God’s work in his life.

With greater faith comes greater obedience and greater tests. The Christian continues in purity resisting temptation. His walk with the Lord grows stronger.

Resistance to temptation increases in the mind. As the Christian meditates on God’s Word, and prays about what he reads in God’s Word, and memorizes it, he is strengthened. Soon, temptations to others are not noticed by him since his mind is on Christ and obedience to Him; seeking to do the will of Jesus Christ, not his own.

What is my mind meditating on? What do I think about and fill my mind with? What about you? How are you doing in Purity, Obedience and Assurance?

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