1 Hour 18 Minutes

by on April 3, 2018

Every day felt like Friday starting on Wednesday of Spring Break.

When I got a call on Wednesday it was from a director in southern Oregon. She said she had been contacted to set up an Easter Party Club that coming Saturday. It was already to go, but she didn’t recognize where the address was. After putting it into her GPS device in her car it said the address was One Hour and Eighteen Minutes away, in west Eugene. It wasn’t even in her area of ministry.

It was in ours. We had a party club at the apartment complex that Saturday. Our hostess had helped at a Good News Club in Bend when she was in high school. Now with her family in an apartment complex she wanted to reach out with the Gospel to all the kids living there. 26 kids came along with about half a dozen adults. This hostess even organized an Easter Egg hunt, and pizza to feed everyone who came. There was even enough pizza left that several families were able to take a whole pizza home with them after the party.

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