by on May 21, 2018

It seems that every time there is a school shooting or mass shooting the media express outrage over gun violence. It has become predictable as to what happens.

* Shooting occurs
* A few facts are given
* Lots of pictures of grieving and crying people
* A picture of the killer
* Calls for taking away guns i.e. usually termed “gun control”
* Maybe a candle light vigil, or a march for “gun control”

Now, think of what happens when someone dies. It is either Heaven or Hell for that person. Every Christian knows this. Every person knows that death is a bad thing and if they think about it they fear it because, “the wages of sin is death.” But, there is good news because, “the gift of God is eternal life.”

Where is the Christian zeal and outrage? There is a way out of this terrible punishment for sin. There is a way for people to end up in Heaven and NOT in Hell. Yet, Christians don’t seem to care about it. It’s as if they’re fine with thousands of people a day going to Hell. They comfort themselves by saying, “God knows their heart.” Or, “They prayed to receive Jesus into their heart when they were a child.” Even though their actions look NOTHING like what a Christian’s should look like. Or, even, “God will save the ones He wants to save. You don’t have to do anything.” And, even, “When most Christians try to share the Gospel, it does more harm than good.”

How will people hear the Gospel if it is not given clearly. What can be done to awaken the zeal Christians should have to share the Gospel? Have they no outrage that sin, self and pleasure has tied their hands and closed their mouths?

Has the Gospel become so difficult to share?

It is predictable at most churches:

Hamster on a wheel

Hamster on a wheel

* We should share the good news

* Tell people about Jesus’ love

* So many people are broken and hurting

* Lets pray

* Then, maybe a promotional for doing some good deed together as a church or a partnership outreach with other churches, so that “people will see your good deeds and glorify your father in Heaven.” That is assuming they acknowledge there is a God, and that He is good.

Maybe we should take time to skip mowing the grass this week and go find someone to share the Gospel with and use words? Maybe we should meet up to share the Gospel using words and talking to people after work, and then eat a late dinner when we get home? Maybe take some time from lunch break to see if there’s someone standing outside we could share the Gospel with? What about even giving a tract to someone at the grocery store and saying, “Here, this is for you.” If they reject you, all they did was reject you. You might even get into a conversation and share the Gospel with them. Why don’t I do something to share the Gospel this week, and see what happens? Why don’t you do something this week to share the Gospel and see what happens? Be sure to use words.

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