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by on December 6, 2018

When you read missionary biographies, what stands out to you?

Is it the miracles God does on the field? Is it the personal perseverance of the missionary you read about? Is it the attitude of those who help the missionary when they need it the most?

The top two characteristics of most missionaries you read about are prayer and evangelism. It isn’t about the support raising (finding people to give them money for the work). It isn’t about their relationships with those back home. It isn’t about their character.

Most often their work is built on prayer and evangelism. In each case they let the Lord do the work of supplying their needs, and giving them food, clothing and money for the work.

Amy Carmichael put it well when she sent letters home begging people to pray. Sometimes people sent money or things, and she had to tell them what things were needed BECAUSE they sent things to her, not because she asked them to. She gave them a pretend example of Bezaeleel and Aholiab who worked to build the tabernacle in the wilderness. She gave them a pretend conversation about holding a bake sale to fund the tabernacle. God had supplied their needs for the tabernacle without a bake sale. He could certainly give her all she needed. She constantly asked people to pray for her and the work God had set out for her to do.

Mary Slessor spent hours in prayer every night in the jungles of Nigeria. She would pray for the cannibals and the work of sharing the Gospel with them. When she went home, she didn’t ask for money. She asked for people to come and help in the work, and for people to pray.

Hudson Taylor said, “God’s Work done God’s Way will never lack God’s Supply.” He lived it. When one of his Chinese helpers asked him what he would do for his family since they were almost out of food, he replied that God loved and cared for his children more than he did, and would take care of all their needs. God did take care of all their needs. Hudson kept on praying and sharing the Gospel and teaching the Chinese from God’s Word.

Not every Christian or Missionary is going to be like Amy Carmichael, Mary Slessor, or Hudson Taylor, most will be forgotten except by God. But, each one can pray, and can ask God to help them share the Gospel and then go and seek to share it.

Don’t quit. Pray often and always. Share the Gospel as much as you can. You and I don’t know how many days we left, and almost everyone expects to wake up in the morning to another day. But, how many more days do people really have? A car accident, a disease, or a violent criminal could end someone’s life in an instant, and that person’s days would be over.

Pray and Share the Gospel. Seek to every day.

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