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February 13, 2015

Do Christians automatically know how to share the Gospel?
According to Ephesians 4:11-12 evangelists are to equip the saints for service for the building up of the body of Christ. Apparently Christians do need some training in this area.
A Christian can tell someone what happened, or what convinced them to follow Christ. That might be helpful, [...]

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Dying before Yom Kippur

January 15, 2015

“So, who are you guys with?” Sophie asked.
We were fishing at the University of Oregon, using the whiteboard.
“We’re here on our own. We do a different question each week. If people want to stop and talk, we talk with them. If they want to talk more, I give them the Good Person Test.”
“What’s the Good [...]

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Work of the Law

December 5, 2014

Devin said he was a good person.
After asking him about lying, stealing, blasphemy, murder, and adultery, he realized he was guilty of 4 out of 5 of those commandments. He said he would be guilty on judgment day, but that God would send him to Heaven.
How could God send him to Heaven if he’s guilty [...]

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Whatever it takes

October 29, 2014

Recently students at the U of O who give out the Daily Emerald have been getting creative.
They’ve tried different accents. “Neusepaypuh suh?”
…different reasons to take one. “Get a newspaper, it acts like an umbrella too!”
“Come on, take one. It has crosswords and sudoku!”
This week the costumes started to come out; a banana, and [...]

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Inviting to Church

September 24, 2014

We were challenged to invite people to church for BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY. So, who do you invite? What Christians do you know of who don’t go to church yet? Or, who have quit going to church? I didn’t know any.
I decided on two neighbors. One had just moved in, the other had been there [...]

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Bad Mormon?

July 3, 2014

“What religion are you?”
“Christian.” They answered.
“Oh, I’m a Mormon, a bad Mormon.”
The two teens continued sharing the Gospel with the children they’d been talking with.
After a few minutes, I went over to talk with him.
“What do you mean by a ‘bad Mormon’? I asked.
“Oh, well, I smoke, drink Coke, watch rated R movies, even a [...]

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“The Beginning of the Circle is the End!”

May 28, 2014

“The beginning of the circle is the end! That is such a profound thought!” Blake was almost jumping up and down over his own words.
Blake and Jake asked what we were doing, and thought the question was interesting. We’d asked, “How close have you come to death?” Blake said he was over 120 years old [...]

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I Don’t Care

May 28, 2014

What do you say when you share the Gospel with someone, and explain it, and ask, “So, have you heard it like that before?” And, they say, “Yeah, but I don’t care…”
Try to leave them with a reminder of where they stand before God. Give them a tract, if they’ll take it.
Remind them that you [...]

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“Personal experience…”

April 22, 2014

While at Saturday Market last weekend I asked some people, “What do you think happens after you die?”
Mark said, “Reincarnation. I think I’ll come back as a wolf. I’ll stand in a long line and God will send me back as a wolf.” When asked why, he said he’d had a dream about it.

His friend [...]

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IF you don’t…

April 17, 2014

Will sharing the Gospel get easier? If you wait until later, will it be easier?
Will it be easier to share the Gospel tomorrow than it is today? Will it be easier next week? Next month? Or, next year?

What keeps you back from talking to someone today about the Lord Jesus Christ? What makes you afraid [...]

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